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single login and Ldap

Its been a while I have been working on OpenLdap, I have heard so many times things like single login, control access to resources, but I haven't understood well.
Actually I am kind of windows person, so My idea is you loginto DOMAIN, and then you have access to network resources based on ACL list for your Account or Group.
I am unable to visualise this in LDAP environment.
Suppose I have LDAP server  (A) authenticating Win32 and Linux  clients perfectly.
Now I have 5 machines on network, B,C,D,E,F.
One person logsin on B successfully authenticating from LDAP server. now he is in on computer B, and can do anything on that perticular workstation, but if he wants to loginto workstation C, he still again needs to loginto C, using telnet rsh, ssh or whatever process is available, and go through providing Account and passwd info, and ofcourse C will send info to LDAP server, if approved will let user in.
But then this not single login, and to me it means that each time a user needs to access network resource, he/she has to go through auth process, so why people say ldap provides single login.
Any word of wisdom will be appreciated.
obviously I have some misconceptions about LDAP.

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