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Re: monitor backend

Allan Streib wrote:
Was just perusing the roadmap document and saw mention of the monitor backend in 2.1. Is there any documentation anywhere of how this is used? I searched the Admin Guide and the word "monitor" did not appear when I used my browser's "find" function.

I searched the FAQ and did not find much more than:

back-monitor is a status monitoring backend that gives operating statistics on slapd itself.

Sounds great -- where can I learn more? Is it stable? Can anyone provide any examples of how that is used?


here's how I configured it on my slapd.conf

database        monitor
access to dn.subtree=cn=monitor
     by dn.exact=cn=admin,dc=int-evry,dc=fr write
     by dn.subtree=dc=int-evry,dc=fr read
     by * none

And here's a doc I wrote to integrate monitored data in web graphs using mrtg/rrd and perl :


indeed, it's a very valuable tool , exept that I'am still looking for a description in the monitor that would tell us how many slapd threads a active !?

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