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Re: Looking for proven version

Beast wrote:

Did you tried on RH 7.3, i think it was the most stable (and
supported) version of RH so far.

In 7.2 did you upgrade the glibc? what other software need to be
recompiled (other than Kernel 2.4.22 and openldap)?

For me 7.2 is the ultimate. But with a self-compiled a kernel.org 2.4.19 ACPI kernel - lot of machine-specific stuff. But it's only a small rig.

glibc is 2.2.4, is updated - 4 months after installation. gcc is 3.0.4 and for the new stuff self-compiled 3.3.

The way I look at it, for servers RH standard distros are anathema. RH standard distros try to strive for desktop, which has *nothing* to do with servers and the kernel is therefore rotten for servers. The rest of the stuff, libraries, XFree86 etc is o.k.

RH 9.0 kernels for server use are probably worse than the worst I've seen for 7.x.


Tony Earnshaw

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