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Re: Looking for proven version

Wednesday, October 22, 2003, 1:25:47 AM, Tony wrote:

> Nathan Ehresman wrote:

>> My current approach is to play with the kernel to see if
>> that's what could be causing it.  Last Friday (the 17th) I rebooted into a
>> 2.4.22 stock kernel.org kernel

> Halleluiah! That's always been my experience, since day two on this rig 
> (on day one RH 7.2 crapped out), 18 months ago. And comparing with other 
> standard RH rigs. Critical RH stuff you always compile on your own 
> machine, from the kernel downwards. And yes, I install *everything* as 
> self-made or shop-bought rpms.

Nathan, Tonni,

Did you tried on RH 7.3, i think it was the most stable (and
supported) version of RH so far.

In 7.2 did you upgrade the glibc? what other software need to be
recompiled (other than Kernel 2.4.22 and openldap)?


> --Tonni