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Re: Looking for proven version

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 12:58:06PM +0700, Beast wrote:
> Did you tried on RH 7.3, i think it was the most stable (and
> supported) version of RH so far.

I have not tried it on a 7.3 box, but my suspicion is that it would work
just fine.

> In 7.2 did you upgrade the glibc? what other software need to be
> recompiled (other than Kernel 2.4.22 and openldap)?

I was actually running a 2.4.21 kernel on the 7.2 box, and did not upgrade
glibc.  I have had 2 very bad experiences upgrading glibc so I swore off
upgrades for the sake of upgrading, unless it was absolutely necessary
(security patches, bugfix that affects me, etc.).