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Re: Looking for proven version

Kirk A. Turner-Rustin wrote:

The line you mention does not appear in our /etc/rc.d/init.d/ldap.
We are running OpenLDAP 2.1.22 built from the RedHat RawHide SRPM on
three RedHat 9 boxes with all kernel and other updates from RH.

I am following this thread with some trepidation because I am preparing to
migrate these directories from back-ldbm to back-bdb (we just ordered a
second hard disk for each of our two production LDAP servers for storing
the transaction logs).

If a "feature" in the RH9 kernel is going to ditz my indexes after we
switch to bdb, I may hold off. Our server manager would balk at my using
a non-RH kernel on these boxes because it will complicate our patching
routines. Nathan: Were you running the most recent RH9 kernel
(2.4.20-20.9) before you switched to the one you compiled yourself?

I'm a RedHat man, largely because ... but (almost all) the kernels have always meant utter grief to the machines I've installed. I use stable kernel.org source with the patches I need and compile for the release, hardware and utilities on which the kernel is to be installed. The systems have then been as stable as can be expected.


Tony Earnshaw

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