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Re: Looking for proven version

--On Tuesday, October 21, 2003 9:29 PM +0200 Tony Earnshaw <tonye@billy.demon.nl> wrote:

However, I always read your mails and I've seen your struggles in the
past and some of the ways you chose to resolve them. Admit you've been on
the edge of doubting and have chosen methods to resolve your problems
that aren't available to the motley. What you are running, is a "pretty
tight shop".

We certainly had our share of issues in setting up OpenLDAP. A large part of the problem there, at least for me, was switching directory technologies... Netscape worked one way, and OpenLDAP another, and it took me time to learn how to map those. ;)

I wonder what dnscache is. I'm sure it isn't anything like ncsd ('man nscd' on a RedHat machine).

Yeah, getting caching mechanisms mixed up in a hasty reply. ;)


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