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Re: Looking for proven version

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

We run OpenLDAP-2.1.22 on SunFire V120's running Solaris 8. Our database has 65k+ entries in the account tree, and 235k+ entries in the person tree. 3 of our OpenLDAP servers are dedicated entirely to delivering mail. They service approximately 1 million queries a day. For our backend, we use BDB rather than ldbm. We have no problems. I've read over the continuing threads on this, and we have not had to take the drastic steps you have done either... We use "dnscache" as our local caching daemon (works great) and we enable tcpwrappers.


I've saved this mail in my Openldap HOWTO folder, just to show that it is possible.

However, I always read your mails and I've seen your struggles in the past and some of the ways you chose to resolve them. Admit you've been on the edge of doubting and have chosen methods to resolve your problems that aren't available to the motley. What you are running, is a "pretty tight shop".

I wonder what dnscache is. I'm sure it isn't anything like ncsd ('man nscd' on a RedHat machine).



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