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Urgent help needed, please..

I still confused with referrals on OpenLDAP, about how to make ldap search
process always follows referrals on the local database tha point to center
server. I mean, I should configure somewhere, and have results on ldapsearch
wihout -C.

I really need help from everyone here, I have a project integrating
directory tomake integrated and centralized authentucation. Now I still use standar
configuration for slapd.conf and ldap.conf just like at 'OpenLDAP

				-User<-  <-
                                        |     |
dc=linux,dc=its-sby,dc=edu	|     |    dc=ad,dc=its-sby,dc=edu
-Users  (refrl) >---------------|     |--------------<Users referrals

My questions are:
1. is it possible to make integrated authentication directory?
2. which sould I use on slap.conf? 'referrals' 'updateref' 'updatedn' or
else?3. how to configure pam_ldap.conf to always follow referrals?
4. which RFC's should more I read?

A lot of apreciation to any of your answer. I really need it.

Best regards
Widi Pradnyana