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Re: Documenting schema

Allan Streib wrote:

Just thought I'd ask, has anyone put together any nice "user" documentation for a local schema? I'm not looking for a technical doc full of ldif, OIDs, and a lot of formal language, but more something that is oriented to a potential directory client user just so they have an idea of the overall schema organization, what is where, and what potential values different attributes might have.

If anyone has something they think works well, please email me a sample or reference. Many thanks,

I *seriously* advise GQ. Not the old buggers you knew and despised; Peter Stamfest and Bert Vermeulen (Peter does the work and Bert pats him on the back) have put together 1.0alpha3 (yes, I use it now, soon to be 1.0alpha4) which is a complete GUI guide to all the rfcs you'd ever wish to read. Including syntaxes and how to interpret them. There's no doco, it's all point and click, download your own rfcs.

It needs gtk2 and libxml2 to work properly (like it's a GUI). I compiled my own of both of them on RH 7.2 and everything works.

Seriously ;)


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