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Re: Has anyone found a workaround? SASL/LDAP

Liviu Daia wrote:

Why do I have to declare SASL and give paths to SASL includes and libs
to my Postfix compile then? And why, then, does my Postfix use SASL
support that was compiled in because it's supposed to?

[* Sigh *] You _are_ confused. Like OpenLDAP, Postfix doesn't have its own SASL functions, it only has "hooks" for an external SASL library, namely the one from Cyrus. To compile Postfix (or OpenLDAP) with SASL support, you need to tell it where to find Cyrus SASL.

No, not confused - that's what I thought. To me, that's the same as Postfix using SASL. I'm happy with the original clarification. I understand the difference :)



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