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Re: Has anyone found a workaround? SASL/LDAP

Liviu Daia wrote:

Postfix has its own SASL implementation for SMTP AUTH (I use SASL
auxprop libs rather than saslauthd).


    No, Tony.  As I pointed out on the postfix-users list, Courier has
its own SASL implementation, Postfix doesn't (although some people
believe that it should).

Hmmm ... now I'm completely lost. Yes, you were one of the two experts.

Why do I have to declare SASL and give paths to SASL includes and libs
to my Postfix compile then? And why, then, does my Postfix use SASL
support that was compiled in because it's supposed to?

What the !#%/@= does Courier have to do with this? O.k., so I'm using
Courier, but I have no SASL declaration in my Courier compile. I do not
use SASL with Courier, my Courier 2.1.2 does not understand SASL.

This is *wildly* OT and has nothing to do with Openldap. Next week I
shall find out for myself.


Tony Earnshaw

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