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Re: Has anyone found a workaround? SASL/LDAP

Howard Chu wrote:


    if you're using the LDAP auxprop module that I wrote (in OpenLDAP's
contrib directory), this invokes the SASL client API.
    this talks to the LDAP server, and the chain of processing in this
context ends there.

Although this wasn't addressed to me, I appreciate the explanation. however, two top Postfix LDAP (Openldap) and Cyrus SASL experts have given warnings about combining Openldap SASL support with Postfix SASL support. At all.

The SASL auxprop libraries that I use are Simon Loader's 2.1.13, patched by Pascal Gienger (u-konstanz in Germany).

I have a RH 7.2 system that works perfectly with the combination Openldap 2.1.22/Cyrus SASL (above auxprop) and Postfix 2.0.16 snapshot (this one, same SASL auxprop), and a RH 9.0 system that barfs on Postfix SASL startup. I have to find out why. My only way is to try what my betters advise ;)

I'll let everyone know, maybe sometime next week.


Tony Earnshaw

Mail: billy-at-billy.demon.nl