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Re: Alternative to OpenLDAP

jonlists wrote:

Not to be rude, but your comparison doesn't state much about NDS - version release of eDirectory you examined....

Did you truly evaluate the Novell offerings, or did you just fill in the checklist?

Also not to be rude, but Quanah's evaluation seemed more of a justification than the former. The point was, IMHO, that if "the others didn't have the necessary, then they were rejected".

A pity, since Novell's (originally, years ago, NDS and many months/years now) eDirectory has always been what taught me the x500 rules and is my standard pattern for the utimate.

But NetWare's needs for a corporation-wide database and Stanford's needs for an authorisation database are worlds apart. eDirectory would be overkill to the nth degree and performance loss likewise. Not to speak of being able to hire in one of the the chief architects to solve problems and help plan for the future. For me, that's the chief difference between eDirectory and Openldap.


Tony Earnshaw

Who still has a permanent place in his heart for Novell - in spite of Ray Noorda's already proved and advanced senility (read "Caldera").

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