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Re: Samba Login Script in LDAP

> > Define an attribute to store the script,  if you don't 
> > have an OID I'm willing to define one for you - since 
> > this sounds like not a half-bad idea.
> Adam, I have an OID to define this attribute, my tree OID's is 
> this:
> - Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 15ª Região 
> - LDAP Elements
> - LDAP Attributes
> and the OID for this new login script attribute can be 
> But my big problem is, how I define a text attribute. I don't 
> know the attribute definition format. Can somebody help me ?

Syntax (binary) should work, since I assume
it could contain carriage-returns, or even UniCode (since it is actually
a WinY2k text file), etc...

attributetype (
        NAME 'sambaLogonScriptText'
        DESC 'Samba Logon Script'

I think thats right, I haven't tested it.