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Re: Samba Login Script in LDAP

> > In samba.schema you will find the attributes scriptPath and
> > profilePath. 
>   Dieter, thanks for your attention !

This is really a Samba question not an LDAP one.

>   But I think that these attributes (scriptPath and profilePath) 
> are used to indicate a file, i.e. "scriptPath=script/bruno.bat"
>   Could you confirm this for me, please ?

Yes, this is true.

>   I ask it, because I want to insert the login script content in 
> i.e. "loginScript=net use G:\server\dir"
>   but I need a multivalue attribute, because I have several 
> drives to map.

You can't store each line of the script in a seperate value of a
multi-values attribute because there is no ordering - and one would
assume a script's execution depends upon order.

But you can cheat.  

Define an attribute to store the script,  if you don't have an OID I'm
willing to define one for you - since this sounds like not a half-bad

Write the script and insert it into the attribute - it will be encoded,
but not big deal.

You could use a preexec script to copy the LDAP attribute content to a
file in the netlogon share, as say, {username}.bat. And then it will get

If you change the script in LDAP it will get pulled out next time the
person logs on, so you effectively accomplishing your goal