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Re: Samba Login Script in LDAP


Bruno Tobias Stella wrote:
Dieter Kluenter writes:

In samba.schema you will find the attributes scriptPath and

Dieter, thanks for your attention !
But I think that these attributes (scriptPath and profilePath) are used to indicate a file, i.e. "scriptPath=script/bruno.bat"
Could you confirm this for me, please ?
I ask it, because I want to insert the login script content in LDAP,
i.e. "loginScript=net use G:\server\dir"
but I need a multivalue attribute, because I have several drives to map.
> [...]

There's no way to make this running with Windows. There is the possibility of storing a script (or better some text) in LDAP. But you'll have to tell Windows, that it should execute this as a script.

Windows does not use the LDAP directly. It uses Samba to get the information. So it thinks that you're running Windows NT 4. The protocol is very tight and does not account for the stuff you want to do.

Would be a nice feature anyway.