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RE: Openldap vs. IBM Directory Server

Hello Lee,

I don't have much experience with openLdap, but some little with IBM

One thing I noticed is that is has its own idea's of interpreting LDAP
I once ported an application (IBM accessmanager) to Siemens Directory, and I
had a lot of problems due to the generalizedTime syntax, which is incorrect
in IBM. (timestamps look like 20030819230745.Z, beware of the point!)

Other than that, You immediatly recognize the UMICH implementation behind
it, as it still is based heavily on that.

Besides that, it is not a real ldapserver, but an ldap frontend to the DB2
database (which you have to buy!) so the free of IBM is different to the
free of IBM.

Just my opinion,

Regards, Dolf

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Subject: Openldap vs. IBM Directory Server

Hey All,
We are evaluating a switch to IBM Directory Server from our current 
openldap cluster due to openldap's lack of (or should i say buggy) 
multimaster support.

I wanted to get an impression from users of this list that have 
experience with both servers, and what if any advantages OpenLdap has 
over IBM's Directory Server (which is also free).