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Re: Openldap vs. IBM Directory Server

Smits.Dolf wrote:

One thing I noticed is that is has its own idea's of interpreting LDAP standards.

From my experiences with implementing and testing web2ldap I must say almost every LDAP server product has its own ideas of interpreting LDAPv3 standard (e.g. inetOrgPerson being AUXILIARY ;-).

I once ported an application (IBM accessmanager) to Siemens Directory, and I
had a lot of problems due to the generalizedTime syntax, which is incorrect
in IBM. (timestamps look like 20030819230745.Z, beware of the point!)

Checked this moment on a public IBM Directory Server 5.1:

createTimeStamp: 20030628025321.000000Z

Hmm, isn't that valid GeneralizedTime syntax with fraction of seconds?

Ciao, Michael.