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Re: Openldap vs. IBM Directory Server

Lee wrote:
Besides that, it is not a real ldapserver, but an ldap frontend to the DB2
database (which you have to buy!) so the free of IBM is different to the
free of IBM.

I was under the impression it came with a free DB2 license for use only with the Directory Server. Are you positive you still have to buy a license?

I've heard you do, although some customers are getting pretty good deals these days.

Just as important a consideration is *administering* a DB2 database. Isn't DBA still a job title?

I was put off by the sheer size of the IBM directory server download: almost .5 GB!

FWIW, the . in the IBM timestamp is frequently followed by numbers representing (I assume) microseconds. Useful? Maybe, but I wouldn't call it a competitive advantage.

My $.02

Jon Roberts