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Re: Compatibility of database files between different versions of OpenLDAP

Jeff Leung wrote:

I'm hoping that someone will reply with some authority, "as long as you're
using the same version of BerkeleyDB, any versions of OpenLDAP since version
x.x.xx will play nice with those files," but realize that is probably overly

Me: Openldap 2.1.22, Openssl 0.9.7b, Cyrus SASL 2.1.3, BDB 4.1.25 on Red Hat 7.2, gcc 3.0.4, clib 2.2.4. Openldap 2.1.22 is the very heart of this system, everything but everything uses it.

I can't comment on replicas, since I've never had to use slurpd, yet (the time will come, think Samba 3 and Domain Controllers).

Nor can I say that I speak with authority, can only relate my own experience.

A while after updating through BDB 4.1.25 database through each relevant Openldap update to 2.1.22 (my present), I suddenly found that everything in my BDB database was corrupt - even the log file. This happened spontaneously. One moment everything worked, the next moment nothing did. After several months' of use.

Normally my recourse would have been to db_recover -c - but even that didn't work any more. Luckily I'd a very recent slapcat ldif and erasing the whole database and rebuilding worked. I'd lost nothing. Further, Courier imapd 2.0.0 stopped giving the ldap-based login faults it had always given. Works perfectly, now.

What could have caused this I don't know. I'd used the same database since updating from BDB 4.0, when I'd had to rebuild for 4.1. Even the update from 4.1.24 to 4.1.25 worked. I'd reindexed 4.1.25 one single time, shortly before the failure.


Tony Earnshaw

Looking backwards is always easy with hindsight

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