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Re: info attribute type

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
Robert Fitzpatrick wrote:

I am converting contacts to LDAP and have some info for each contact.
Browsing the attributes using GQ, I can see an info attribute, but the
list of 'Used in objectclasses' for this attribute is empty. Does anyone
know a way to use this info attribute or another alternative for lengthy

'less' or 'more' cosine.schema. Note the remark on avoiding it, if possible and entering info into more pertinent attributes. You could also read rfc1274 - but the information on that would seem no longer to apply to the info attribute.

Use attribute type 'description' for lengthy free-text notes of unspecified format. It's usable in object class 'person' (and all the derived object classes).

Object class derivation tree on my local test system:

    pilotPerson (alias newPilotPerson)

> Quite another thing is, that you are
> dependent on your client recognizing/including this attribute.


> F.ex.
> Evolution doesn't (has its own - "note" - with the same syntax), nor
> does Mozilla seem to.

Another reason for considering 'evolutionPerson' schema highly flawed (see derivation tree above). This is really a good example of how not to extend a schema.

Ciao, Michael.