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Re: SHA1 password in LDIF files

With ldappassword you can set user password to existing directory, but I need 
to create passwords for users before directory set up and then, populate it.

CRYPTED_PASSWD=`/usr/sbin/slappasswd -s $PASSWD`
This clause works fine for superuser password in slapd.conf, but when I try to 
use it for normal users in LDIF format, it does not work and I can't 
understand why.

16 Август 2003 17:49, Вы написали:
> this is the one I have been asking ?
> YOu can created ldif file, but how to generate hashed password?
> Basically if you do ldappasswd -h you wil get usage and options.
> usage: ldappasswd [options] [user]
> I guess thats how you generate user passwords.
> But Can you imagine doing that for 1000 users, if you are not migrating
> /etc/passwd files
> tsg <tsg@bugalux.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> Does enybody know how to create userPassword clause in LDIF file?
> Thank You in advance!
> Sergios
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