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Re: Problems with accentuated characters

Jon Roberts wrote:

Andreas wrote:

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 03:10:52PM +0200, Bruno Biedermann wrote:

I'm from France and i've got to migrate users from /etc/passwd. The gecos field is filled with the person's real name (i.e : Gabriel Péri)... The migrate_passwd works well and outputs a ldif file.
When I try to ldapadd this ldif file I've got an error telling me that there are invalid characters (é).

I tried to encode the gecos field in mime64 to add it as binary data into openldap but i've got this error now :

No, you have to convert it to UTF-8, then base64, and then use the
openldap tools to add it (slapadd or ldapadd).

Actually, I've added LDIFs with UTF-8 encoded without encoding anything to base64. An example LDIF is at:


Jon Roberts


I saw your ldif file and I was wondering if the "lang-sv" you use was a standard directive understood by all versions of openldap or if i had to do something to activate this feature.

Thanks a lot for your answers list!!