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Re: Problems with accentuated characters

Bruno Biedermann wrote:
Jon Roberts wrote:
Actually, I've added LDIFs with UTF-8 encoded without encoding anything to base64. An example LDIF is at:


I saw your ldif file and I was wondering if the "lang-sv" you use was a standard directive understood by all versions of openldap or if i had to do something to activate this feature.

Language Subtypes. See:


From what I've gathered, this is a pretty standard LDAPv3 extension, and you shouldn't need to do anything special to make it work in versions of OpenLDAP. There are more options (RFC 1766), but from what I've seen the most common approach is just to use lang- followed by the 2-letter ISO 639 language code, hence lang-sv for Swedish (or lang-fr for French, etc).

Jon Roberts