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Re: SASL MD5 - another try

Hello Alexander,

Alexander Lunyov <lan_mailing@startatom.ru> writes:

> Hello Dieter,
> Friday, July 18, 2003, 11:35:05 AM, you wrote:
> DK> auxprop is only used for auxiliary databases like mySQL or posgresql.
> DK> Quite frankly I'm a bit lost now, as it works fine for me, with
> DK> userid's and credetials either stored in sasldb or in openldap, and I
> DK> didn't do any specific modifications.
>     Not only, there is auxprop plugin for LDAP, and i have to try it -
>     i'll tell you if i fail or win in this case.

I didn't know that, so tell us your results.
>>>     How to store secrets in LDAP?
> DK> You may use ldappasswd, or create an *.ldif file, or use a graphical
> DK> tool like GQ or Ldapbrowser.
>     No, i mean how to store SASL secrets in LDAP DB? Maybe i should do
>     some configuration over SASL?

There is nothing special about it, just the attributes uid and
userPassword with their appropriate values. 

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