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DAtabase out of locker entries

Hi everybody. I asked a week ago for some problems with the lockers of the Berkeley Database running my openldap version 2.1.17.

Somebody suggested me to upgrade to 2.1.21 version because the 17 had some database problems. I have upgraded but I still have the same problem. After two days running my server, I get next error in the openldap log:

Jul 2 14:13:41 <HOSTNAME> slapd[7259]: [ID 446079 local4.debug] bdb(<SUFFIX>): Lock table is out of available locker entries

I´ve searched on the lists and I´ve found that there was a bug in BerkeleyDB version 4.0 about the behaviour of the database with locker entries. The problem is that I´m using Berkeley 4.1.25 and it seems this bug is corrected in this version.

Can anybody show me the way to find a solution to this problem? Why the database gets off of locker entries? How may I fix a higher value of the posible number of lockers and lock entries?

Thanks for any ideas.