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Re: Trigger PERL script upon database modification

Adam_Rieder@mapinfo.com writes:

> I would like to be able to trigger the running of a PERL script upon 
> add/del/mod of my bdb type database.  I have OpenLDAP with the back-perl 
> extensions enabled.

Back-perl is for when all operations in a subtree are served by perl
scripts only.  back-bdb is for when a subtree is served by Berkeley DB
only.  What you need to do is to modify the source code for back-bdb
and insert calls to the perl script in the appropriate places.

That will fork a separate process with a perl script for each
modification, though.  If you instead want Perl to be built into slapd
and just call Perl subroutines as in back-perl, you need to merge the
code of back-perl into the code of back-bdb somehow.