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Re: How to convert Visual 5 to Visual 6 dsw/dsp project files?

to be sure you unpack the archive with a tool (like WinZip) that understands
linebreaks in text files. Or, you could do some quick Perl programming.

Programming? If this file is a text file then global search and replace should suffice if you can figure out which editor to use. I have a wonderful little Freeware editor called Crismon Edit ( http://www.crimsoneditor.com ) which not only recognizes the differences between Unix and Windows text files but also colorizes just about every language I would ever consider using. Using this I could just change the format and re-save. Oddly enough, I consider the fact that it is not written in Java to be an advantage. Java is a joy to write but a pain to use because of the inefficiencies of having to use a vitual machine. I sure wish there were some publicly available Java compilers ( as opposed to interpreters ) out there. Borland's sounds good but of course it costs about $5K.

Jim C.