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Re: How to convert Visual 5 to Visual 6 dsw/dsp project files?

Hi Mikael,

I think the problem is not the conversion from VC++ 5.0 to VC++ 6.0. I
encountered the same issue when I was trying to compile openldap. It seems
that the unzipping process is the one that causes this problem.

Have you looked over http://www.fivesight.com/downloads/openldap.asp  ?

One of the questions is:
  1.. I downloaded source code from the OpenLDAP site, but VisualStudio
complains about the project files; what should I do? This is probably a
symptom of Unix linebreaks versus Windows linebreaks; the best solution is
to be sure you unpack the archive with a tool (like WinZip) that understands
linebreaks in text files. Or, you could do some quick Perl programming.

Hope this helps,

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Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 9:26 AM
Subject: How to convert Visual 5 to Visual 6 dsw/dsp project files?

> Hello!
> Hope you can stand this neebie question:
> I recently downloaded the latest openLdap project version(2.1.22) and
> tried to open main.dsw to build the project. Nothing was opened. When
> looking at the project/ workspace files i saw that they were Visial C++
> 5 files?
> How can I convert these into Visual 6 syntax in an easy way? It was not
> done automatically and no error pop-up occured.
> By the way...why is openLdap developed (Windows version) in Visual 5?
> I tried to find the answer in the archives but without success.
> Sincerely
> Mikael