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Re: Outlook and OpenLDAP integration.


in the LABE distribution http://www.savoirfairelinux.com/labe/ there is a schema that extend the inetorgperson to outlook style.


At 08.03 04/06/03, Ed Murray wrote:
Hello All,
        I have just set up openldap for use with turba and I am finding it
great to work with. Can anybody suggest a decent way to integrate the a
directory with Outlook? I have read some suggestions from lists such as
Maxware Directory Explorer and Bynari LDAP Addressbook. However neither
of these products seem to provide a sufficient amount of information
from the directory. There is a noticeable lack of fields such as
"company name" & address fields. Can anybody make a suggestion as to how
to make a more complete integration with outlook on windows.

-- Ed Murray <mail@avenuedesign.net>

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