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Re: OpenLDAP and IBM

Sánchez Bermejo, Gustavo wrote:
I show you some definitions from the files I've downloaded from IBM:

I'd rather not dump the whole data of the IBM directory server and pump it into OpenLDAP at once. Also just adding all IBM schema elements is probably over-kill. You should implement your own schema extensions and a data migration/update/filter process based on your knowledge about what you really need (DIT, schema, access control, etc.).

For further analysis it might be helpful to explore the schema on both directory servers with a decent schema browser, e.g. http://www.web2ldap.de. Being the author I'm biased off course but I developed it exactly to ease exploring vendor-specific schema of several LDAP server products.

web2ldap displays links from every object class and attribute type displayed with an entry into a schema browser which shows all back-and-forth cross-references and inheritance between schema elements.

Play with the demo of the schema browser (accesses sub schema sub entry of ldap://ldap.openldap.org/):


Ciao, Michael.