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Re: LDAP + Samba 3.0alpha24-2

Well, I've successfully configured Samba 2.2.7 under AIX 4.3.3 as a PDC
authenticating users against a directory running on OpenLDAP 2.1.16 under
RedHat Linux 7.2. It was a simple test implementation for a handful
of client machines. I would think that Samba 3.0 would work as well. I
mostly followed this doc:


On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, bruno biedermann wrote:

> Hello,
> My question is probably a little bit out of the scope of this list but
> i'd like to know if someone managed to configure a samba 3.0 PDC using
> OpenLDAP 2.1.17 for authentication ?
> I'm encountering problems mainly with perl tools (Net::LDAP::LDIF)
> and i'd like to know if someone succeeded where i'm failing...
> Thanks a lot

Kirk Turner-Rustin
Ohio Wesleyan University