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logging in as root takes ages...


I think this might be more of a Redhat Linux
problem than anything else, but thought perhaps
someone has seen this proglem as well when
using ldap...

I've currently only got one ldap server... so,
when it is not available and I try to log into
one of my other redhat systems that authenticates
via my ldap server it takes ages to login... this
is using the root account which is not in ldap but
it the passwd/shado/group files.

My nsswitch.conf has:

passwd: files nisplus ldap shadow: files nisplus ldap group: files nisplus ldap

and the root password etc is in the files
which are  listed first.... so I am at a loss as to why
it should take 2 - 3 minutes, and sometimes
just times out logging in?

Has anyone else seen  this and know of any
fixes for it?

Bill Dossett