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Re: slapd-bdb cachesize

Howard Chu wrote:

There appears to be a memory leak in slapd related to modifying entries,
adding new values to attributes. I've fixed it in CVS HEAD. The fix for
2.1.15 is a bit different, will appear later.


Thanks for your answer.

I really would like to try the patched version immediately if it fixes the memory leak, but there's one more problem:

We use 'ldaptcl' to fill and maintain the database and this tcl extension only compiles against the 2.1.12 stable version, because some functions like "ldap_uncache_entry" (in fact the whole caching stuff) is not in libldap.a in the newer versions anymore (I tried with 2.1.15).
Will there be a working ldaptcl for > 2.1.12, too?

But meanwhile I'll try to use your malloc-debugger on our 2.1.12-version, too. Maybe I can give you more some information, soon. Thanks for the hint.

Best regards