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RE: slapd-bdb cachesize

There appears to be a memory leak in slapd related to modifying entries,
adding new values to attributes. I've fixed it in CVS HEAD. The fix for
2.1.15 is a bit different, will appear later.

As I mentioned before, if you suspect a memory leak, then you should get hold
of a malloc debugging tool and try to verify whether a leak actually exists
or not. If you're running on Linux, my hack of FunctionCheck (version 1.5.1)
is pretty useful for this purpose. It's what I use to track these issues.

You can use it too. Please do.

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> Hi Igor!
> Good to hear someone has the same problem.
> I also realized that my slapd is constantly growing, to IMHO rather
> unexpected sizes.
> But: despite questioning this list unfortunately noone
> answered so far,
> whether this is normal behaviour or not
> (See my postings: "BDB log.xxx Files" thread started 26.02.2003 17:25
> and later seperately as "slapd memory usage (was: Re: BDB log.xxx
> Files)" started 28.02.2003 15:57)
> In those mails you can find details about my setup.
> My slapd's start with about 2.5 MB and grow by time slowly
> quite some MB
> a day (in the first days faster of course, this seems to be
> the normal
> caching). When it reaches about 300 MB I restart the process
> (which is
> much more than one MB for each entry in the database!!!)
> Meanwhile I tried inserting the checkpoint option in
> slapd.conf to avoid
> also using lots of diskspace, this works fine so far, but
> doesn't seem
> to reduce the memory hunger.
> I also recompiled OpenLDAP with the new BDB related patch for
> Berkeley
> DB ( - but this doesn't seem to help, too.
> Could you please give some more information about your setup, your
> database, your indices, your usage - so we can compare and
> collect this
> information? Maybe the others on the list can give us more
> hints then, -
> the more they know the better they might help us, hopefully.
> Best regards
> Tino