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Re: slapd-bdb cachesize

Igor Brezac wrote:

I use openldap 2.1.15/bdb-4.1.25 (dbd backend type) on Solaris 9 system
with 512MB of RAM.  The slapd process continues to grow and I'd like to
know if this is normal based on my configuration parameters.  I am unclear
as to how does cachesize affect memory usage.  Do you multiply this number
with the average entry size (and the number of threads?)?  Is this param
neccessary to set in addition to DB_CONFIG tuning?

Hi Igor!

Good to hear someone has the same problem.
I also realized that my slapd is constantly growing, to IMHO rather unexpected sizes.

But: despite questioning this list unfortunately noone answered so far, whether this is normal behaviour or not
(See my postings: "BDB log.xxx Files" thread started 26.02.2003 17:25 and later seperately as "slapd memory usage (was: Re: BDB log.xxx Files)" started 28.02.2003 15:57)

In those mails you can find details about my setup.
My slapd's start with about 2.5 MB and grow by time slowly quite some MB a day (in the first days faster of course, this seems to be the normal caching). When it reaches about 300 MB I restart the process (which is much more than one MB for each entry in the database!!!)

Meanwhile I tried inserting the checkpoint option in slapd.conf to avoid also using lots of diskspace, this works fine so far, but doesn't seem to reduce the memory hunger.

I also recompiled OpenLDAP with the new BDB related patch for Berkeley DB ( - but this doesn't seem to help, too.

Could you please give some more information about your setup, your database, your indices, your usage - so we can compare and collect this information? Maybe the others on the list can give us more hints then, - the more they know the better they might help us, hopefully.

Best regards