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Solved: Re: More questions on db-4.1 (on SuSE 8.1)


I was able to upgrade my SuSE 8.1 to db-4.1.25
(via RPM of course). I compiled OL 2.1.14 againts db-4.1.25
and upgraded my OL 2.1.12 server. I faced the same issue as
you ("Could not join the environment"). After removing
the __db* files in /var/lib/ldap the new OL 2.1.14 could
be started (with the old db-4.0 created files) and db_upgrade
also works.

If anyone needs the SRPMS for db-4.1, please contact me off-list.


Tony Earnshaw wrote:
tor, 2003-03-06 kl. 00:43 skrev Mike Denka:

Upgrading to 2.1.14 and db 4.1.25.  Previous posts to the list have
resolved the issue of getting the configure script to find the new db
libraries and includes.  After making the new slapd, 'make test'
completed without significant errors.  But now, after installing, I'm
getting the following run-time errors when I attempt to start the new


Anyone know how to leap this hurdle?  Do I need to slapcat my database
from the old version of slapd and slapadd it back into my new version?
Do I need to add any previously unnecessary options in the backend
section in my slapd.conf file?

I had exactly the same. Because the list has not received a spate of
similar experiences, I assume it's OS or library specific.

I'd suggest as steps:

1: run 'db_recover -c' on the database w/o slapd running ;) (didn't work
for me, does normally);

If that doesn't work,

2: Make a backup of the db directory, make a new db directory with
correct permissions, copy any active log files from the old directory to
the new one and run 'db_recover -c' on them (didn't work for me, does

If that doesn't work,

3: What you yourself suggest: create a new db with an ldif file. You
might have to use the old slapcat/slapadd utilities, hope you've hung on
to the 4.0 libraries - I removed the 4.0 directory about a fortnight
after checking that 4.1 worked with everything I had that used BDB
libraries (Exim MTA, etc etc.) - worked for me.

Change all db permissions to agree with the slapd user!