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Re: More questions on db-4.1

tor, 2003-03-06 kl. 00:43 skrev Mike Denka:

> Upgrading to 2.1.14 and db 4.1.25.  Previous posts to the list have
> resolved the issue of getting the configure script to find the new db
> libraries and includes.  After making the new slapd, 'make test'
> completed without significant errors.  But now, after installing, I'm
> getting the following run-time errors when I attempt to start the new
> slapd:

> Anyone know how to leap this hurdle?  Do I need to slapcat my database
> from the old version of slapd and slapadd it back into my new version?
> Do I need to add any previously unnecessary options in the backend
> section in my slapd.conf file?

I had exactly the same. Because the list has not received a spate of
similar experiences, I assume it's OS or library specific.

I'd suggest as steps:

1: run 'db_recover -c' on the database w/o slapd running ;) (didn't work
for me, does normally);

If that doesn't work,

2: Make a backup of the db directory, make a new db directory with
correct permissions, copy any active log files from the old directory to
the new one and run 'db_recover -c' on them (didn't work for me, does

If that doesn't work,

3: What you yourself suggest: create a new db with an ldif file. You
might have to use the old slapcat/slapadd utilities, hope you've hung on
to the 4.0 libraries - I removed the 4.0 directory about a fortnight
after checking that 4.1 worked with everything I had that used BDB
libraries (Exim MTA, etc etc.) - worked for me.

Change all db permissions to agree with the slapd user!




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