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Re: Solved: Re: More questions on db-4.1 (on SuSE 8.1)

ons, 2003-03-12 kl. 08:30 skrev Jan Schreckenbach:

> I was able to upgrade my SuSE 8.1 to db-4.1.25
> (via RPM of course). I compiled OL 2.1.14 againts db-4.1.25
> and upgraded my OL 2.1.12 server. I faced the same issue as
> you ("Could not join the environment"). After removing
> the __db* files in /var/lib/ldap the new OL 2.1.14 could
> be started (with the old db-4.0 created files) and db_upgrade
> also works.

Ah. db_upgrade ... That must be the baby. I'll remember that when 4.1.26
comes along.




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