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Re: logging in as root takes ages...

Clearly this issue is not specific to OpenLDAP Software.
As your note says, the problem occurs when your server is

I suggest you direct your question to a more appropriate
forum, such as one about Redhat Linux, NSS, NSS_LDAP,

PADL hosts lists for NSS_LDAP <nssldap@padl.com>
and PAM_LDAP <pamldap@padl.com>.


At 06:11 AM 3/12/2003, Bill Dossett wrote:
>I think this might be more of a Redhat Linux
>problem than anything else, but thought perhaps
>someone has seen this proglem as well when
>using ldap...
>I've currently only got one ldap server... so,
>when it is not available and I try to log into
>one of my other redhat systems that authenticates
>via my ldap server it takes ages to login... this
>is using the root account which is not in ldap but
>it the passwd/shado/group files.
>My nsswitch.conf has:
>passwd:     files nisplus ldap
>shadow:     files nisplus ldap
>group:      files nisplus ldap
>and the root password etc is in the files
>which are  listed first.... so I am at a loss as to why
>it should take 2 - 3 minutes, and sometimes
>just times out logging in?
>Has anyone else seen  this and know of any
>fixes for it?
>Bill Dossett