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TLS problems ldapsearch -ZZ problem


I've been attempting to get tls support working when connecting to my
directory and I can't seem to get any external clients to successfully
use the -ZZ option when doing a search. I can do a -ZZ on the directory
server itself and when I watch the lo's port 389 the traffic is
encrypted. However when I do a ldapsearch -ZZ from a different machine
making sure to use the CN of the directory server as the uri all  I set
the -d level at -1 and this is all I ever see:

ldap_start_tls: Success

When I'm watching port 389 of my directory server I see absolutley no
traffic being generated.
I'm completley stumped by this and have been researching this for the
last week with no progress. I've attempted new packages rebuilding from
source again all with no success. This is on a debian (was stable) now
testing machine. I've examined every log file I can imagine and I see no
errors when attempting this. 

Can anyone help?


Jayson Henkel <jhenkel@sterlingcrane.ca>
Sterling Crane