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Re: Memory and CPU usage

Thanks for your help suggestions.

Tony Earnshaw <tonni@billy.demon.nl> wrote on 02/13/2003 02:31:50 AM:

> 1: File permissions and ownership on database directory/files (obvious,
> but ...);

They are ok.

> 2: Index parameters and allowable attributes (does debug -d 256 output
> complain?);

No, it doesn't. However, I've now noticed that the CPU usage skyrockets 
when slapd logs a search of "(?=undefined)" I have nothing of the sort 
coded in anything accessing the server. Anyone seen this undefined thing 

> 3: Is it a production server by now? If not, run it in test mode at a
> high debug level (-d -1) - boring and highly stressful, but often
> revealing;
> 3a: Run slapd under strace or gdbm (definitely not tried from my side);

Unfortunately, it is in production, and I can't afford to do that.

> How did "make test" work out, before you installed it? Are you
> absolutely sure the BDB installation compiled and installed 100% as it
> should have done?

Yes, it compiled and tested fine.
> Have you incorporated Cyrus SASL libs and/or Kerberos?

No, I haven't. Using plain authentication.