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Re: Memory and CPU usage

tor, 2003-02-13 kl. 05:06 skrev Timothy H Folks:

> I have searched through the archives of this list and have not found 
> anything that solves my problem. I am using OpenLDAP 2.1.12 with the BDB 
> backend and Berkeley DB 4.1.25 on RedHat Linux 8.0. There are around 50000 
> entries loaded into the directory. I have set cachesize in slapd.conf to 
> 10000 and set_cachesize 0 10000000 0 in DB_CONFIG in my data directory.
> I start slapd, and it initially uses 3 - 4 MB of memory, then it grows to 
> around 8 or 9 MB after some usage, and finally, some time later suddenly 
> shoots to over 100 MB of RAM. This last spike is sometimes accompanied by 
> CPU usage increasing to 99%. Often, a simple kill -INT won't terminate 
> slapd then.
> How should I begin troubleshooting this problem?

Tony (sucks index finger and holds it up in the air):

1: File permissions and ownership on database directory/files (obvious,
but ...);
2: Index parameters and allowable attributes (does debug -d 256 output
3: Is it a production server by now? If not, run it in test mode at a
high debug level (-d -1) - boring and highly stressful, but often
3a: Run slapd under strace or gdbm (definitely not tried from my side);

How did "make test" work out, before you installed it? Are you
absolutely sure the BDB installation compiled and installed 100% as it
should have done?

Have you incorporated Cyrus SASL libs and/or Kerberos?




Tony Earnshaw

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