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Re: Can't contact LDAP server

Then they should put one in there (reply-to header), so it gets replied
to the list and not the personal mailbox.  I don't even want my address
appended anywhere in the headers.  But it is .........

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> Robert Canary writes:
> > I didn't mean to send that to directly Mike.  The list puts in the
> > senders address as a replt yo header
> No, it doesn't.  Check your own message -- no "Reply-To:" header.
> > and keep forgetting to change it before I hit send.
> Your mail reader ought to have a 'reply to all' or 'followup'
> function as well as a 'reply to sender' function.  Use that
> instead, or get a better mail reader.
> If 'Reply-to:' headers confuse the 'reply to all' function,
> that's a bug.  'Reply-to:' just means that the mailer should
> use that address instead of the 'From:' address, it doesn't
> mean that it should _not_ send to to:/cc: addresses as well.
> --
> Hallvard