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conversion of openldap 1.x ldif to 2.1

Dear List

i am not really literate in terms of LDAP or OpenLDAP and have a concrete problem to solve, hoping that someone on this list has already encountered (and solved) it: i can dump the contents of an existing 1.x LDAP into an LDIF and need to import that into a new installation (currently considering 2.12).

There appears to be a different way of encoding "special" characters like german umlauts in these two versions (Base64?, UTF-8?, ... i'm confused and stuck here).

Are there any working scripts/tools around that could help me?

My last resort would be to write a Java App that opens the old and the new LDAP concurrently and read from the old one and write to the new one. You can imagine though, that this is not quite so straight-forward and i can actually not believe that there should be no tools around to convert LDIFs from one version to the next.
I can't find any hints on the openldap site though.

If this is an faq, i apologize and have to admit, that i don't actually know where the list archive is located.

Thanks for your help,
Markus Krogemann