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Re: i have no name!

On 2/13/03 9:31 AM, "James Bourne" <jbourne@mtroyal.ab.ca> wrote:

> We have found that using the root user (admin or
> whatever) and /etc/ldap.secret are not really required.

I would absolutely love to have an understanding of how I could do away with
the ldap.secret file.

By 'root user' above, I'm thinking you're referring to using user 'root' in
the binddn directive?  Do you make a dummy user for this purpose that exists
only to bind to the directory?  Do you have an acl that addresses the perms
needed by this user to do the mappings, and at the same time hide these same
attr's from prying eyes?

Again, any pointers to any docs on how to get rid of 'ldap.secret' would be
very extremely helpful.  I feel very uncomfortable about having this file

Thanks for the input.