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Re: i have no name!

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003, Brian Jones wrote:

> I would absolutely love to have an understanding of how I could do away with
> the ldap.secret file.
> By 'root user' above, I'm thinking you're referring to using user 'root' in
> the binddn directive?  Do you make a dummy user for this purpose that exists
> only to bind to the directory?  Do you have an acl that addresses the perms
> needed by this user to do the mappings, and at the same time hide these same
> attr's from prying eyes?

If you create a user in LDAP with permissions over all objects, that's the
user referred to as root (bad name perhaps?).  I don't think it has to
be root (we are not using root but something else, for example).

> Again, any pointers to any docs on how to get rid of 'ldap.secret' would be
> very extremely helpful.  I feel very uncomfortable about having this file
> around. 

See my last message, setting up nss_ldap/pam_ldap in
that fashion (at least under Linux) works for us.

James Bourne

> Thanks for the input.
> Brian.

James Bourne, Supervisor Data Centre Operations
Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB, CA

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