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RE: schema questions

Howard Chu wrote:
> No. Real X.500 servers store by OID, most LDAP servers don't.

Damn. What's the OID then good for anyways?

>> 2.) Does it matter whether I write "systelno" or "systelnumber" in my
>> ObjectClass definition? (Regarding schema checking during
>> ldapadd/-modify or something..)
> If both names are defined, it doesn't matter which you use.


> Generally the slapd code will  try to use the shortest name when it
> returns it to you though.

Huh? I'd have thought, it uses the first, or "real" name of the 
attribute. And slapcat as well as ldapsearch display "systelnumber" 
(when I have 'NAME ("systelnumber" "systelno")') while db_dump shows me 
the original "systelno".

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