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RE: schema questions

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> Hi there,
> I've two questions regarding schema definitions.
> 1.) I've defined an Attribute "systelno" resp. "systelnumber"
> Does it matter whether I write
> NAME ("systelno" "systelnumber")
> or
> NAME ("systelnumber" "systelno")
> besides that slapd returns the former of the two strings during
> ldapsearches?
> I.e. may I exchange those two without messing up my existing
> data?


> And,
> may i remove one of those two without disturbing my existing
> data? (I'd
> guess Attributes are stored by their OID, not their names, eh?)

No. Real X.500 servers store by OID, most LDAP servers don't. They use the
string names, so if you undefine the name you may lose access to the data.
> 2.) Does it matter whether I write "systelno" or "systelnumber" in my
> ObjectClass definition? (Regarding schema checking during
> ldapadd/-modify or something..)

If both names are defined, it doesn't matter which you use. Generally the
slapd code will  try to use the shortest name when it returns it to you

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